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Is it Time to Think About Window Replacement?

There comes a time in the life of an old home when new windows need to be considered. The conventional, single-pane inefficient windows could be leaking and the wooden frame in dire need of repair. Whole some repair jobs can fix minor issues, window replacement could be the best solution for older ones whose useful life is simply exhausted. But there's no need to worry though; replacement windows offer some significant benefits to justify their cost.

Considering Replacement Windows
If one is seriously thinking of replacing their windows but isn't well acquainted with the latest technology, there are several things that one needs to know beforehand. Perhaps the most significant development is the incorporation of multiple glass panes. These greatly maximize the energy efficiency in a home thanks to the added layers of insulation.

Some manufacturers go a step further by injecting argon, a colorless non-toxic gas, between the panes. This works to increase the insulation value of the windows. Because argon is denser than air, it creates an almost impermeable seal between the indoors and outdoors.

Low-emissivity coatings have also worked greatly in improving window technology. These are thin, transparent coatings that effectively work as sunscreens for the home. During winter, the film reflects heat back indoors to keep the space warm. When it's hot, the glass reflects heat away to allow the indoors to remain cool. Additionally, low-emissivity coatings also help block UV rays, which reduces fading of home furnishings that's caused by sunlight. Please visit this website for more info.

Even the frames have improved. Wood is still a popular choice though, mainly due to its insulating and aesthetic properties. Fiberglass composite frames are also widely used. This material offers the same level of insulation as wood, despite being cheaper. Vinyl wood frames are another option; their multi-chamber construction helps insulate against heat and cold.

Low Maintenance
One great benefit of window replacement is that most modern varieties are designed to be low maintenance. For instance fiberglass frames tend to be extremely stable which means the paint remains for their entire lifetime. Vinyl frames don't even need any painting. In addition, the hardware is made using stainless steel or zinc. Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranties for their products to cover both materials and labor.

The windows also offer added security for the home. Most manufacturers test their windows for forced entry and usually include multiple locks to enhance safety. This offers peace of mind for the homeowner as one knows that their home is secure.

Noise Isolation
This is a benefit that's usually overlooked. Replacement windows reduce the amount of noise transmitted both into and out of the home. A homeowner could therefore sleep or relax in comfort, isolated from the street noises outside. Likewise, one could play loud music inside the house without worrying about complaints from neighbors.

Financial Benefits
Upon installing energy efficient windows, a significant difference in HVAC expenditure will be noted thereafter. It's been reported that replacement windows could lower utility bills by as much as 25%. Using less energy also goes towards conserving valuable natural resources.

Old windows can be problematic; they not only waste energy, but also require constant maintenance. Overall, there are many great reasons why one should consider window replacement. Homeowners who take this step also stand to benefit from tax breaks, which would help offset the replacement cost.

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